That’s why we read fiction, isn’t it? To remind us that whatever we suffer, we’re not the only ones? The Storyteller - Jodi Picoult (via bibliophiling)

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Sometimes words are not big enough to contain all the feelings you are trying to pour into them. Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller (via haughtyspirit)

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A veces no sé si estoy extremadamente feliz o extremadamente triste. Eso siempre me pasa cuando pienso en ti.

The Storyteller (Antonia Michaelis) 

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Here they learn what hate is, and I am so sad that they might never know love because hate came first. Everybody sees the ants by A.S. King (via quotemybooks)

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Hello yes 911, I’ve been emotionally compromised by a book about ants.

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Leaking nudes is a form of sexual assault
Accessing and spreading a woman’s private images without her consent is a form of sexual assault

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